Too Blessed to be Stressed!

Happily Cooking Away!

These definitely needed to be filled with a whole bunch of Nutella, jam, and marshmellows, but to the point that it turned out to be quite a difficult job crimping all around without it gushing out! I think the key is to crimp the 4 corners of the circle (I know, circles don't have 4 corners but just follow me on this now) If I were to crimp the "top, bottom, and the two sides of the circle," I could have easily filled in the gaps with more fork crimping, therefore retaining more of the good stuff in there!

I thought those fillings an odd combination, but the marshmallow gave it a vanilly sweetness and the fig jam served to keep in some moisture as well as compliment the over all filling, giving the chocolate almost a fruity flavor! I love fruit flavored chocolate myself, and it definitely made for an evening delicacy!

Nutella Handheld Pies