Too Blessed to be Stressed!

Happily Cooking Away!

Egg in a Nest

I made this late on a Friday night after coming home from a long day at work. 9:00 pm to be exact! It felt like I was at the Denny's restaurant, where breakfast is served at all hours of the day/night! Ken exclaimed that it had been a while since he had had a "breakfast dinner!" And what better way to start off the weekend by having a late dinner? May not be the healthiest, but once in a while, it feels like a luxury! 

I had such trouble with making the nest! (hashbrowns) I don't know how those birds do it! The trouble was getting those hashbrowns to crispify! I started them out in the oven, which only made the process a lot slower! Then, I became so hungry and impatient, I decided to finish them off in the frying pan! The trick is to use a very high heat and plenty of oil, so they almost deep fry in a sense, but not really. The hot oil definitely did the trick in the frying pan! Then, I used cookie cutters to nestle the eggs into the nest of hashbrowns. I accompanied all this with making some french toast and the maple syrup coming off from the toast only served to compliment the eggs in a nest.