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Bob’s Bruschetta

I was quite amused when I told my best friend and my boyfriend that I was making bruschetta for dinner, and their response was "bru...bruschetty, what?" "What's bruschetta?" The fancy name set their minds to spinning! I love them, and I loved that I was the one to introduce them to this simple dish! Perfectly refreshing for a hot summer day! 

This may be a bit TMI for some readers, so feel free to skip this paragraph if you'd like to. I hadn't been feeling very well that day, I blamed the heat for my sudden wave of nausea. Little did I know, as I was preparing the tomatoes and frying up the bread, that my body was being hit all of a sudden with the stomach flu! 🤒 My mouth savored every bite of bruschetta, as my stomach was not agreeing with me. We can just say that the beer & bruschetta did not get the pleasure of nourishing my body that day... 🤒

Bruschetta has a fancy name and all, but the simple ingredients makes this somewhat of a delicacy, that you can't help but imagine that you are eating something elegant! I have made so many different variations of bruschetta in the past, and that's the creativity aspect that this dish has to offer! I've used bell peppers, olives, tomatoes, & parmesan cheese to rest on some lightly toasted baquette bread and it's just as scrumptious! This here recipe definitely is the classic version of bruschetta, and oh such a go to recipe on these hot summer days!