Too Blessed to be Stressed!

Happily Cooking Away!


Warning! This recipe will make you want to set up a tent in your own backyard as soon as you start eating this pie! Because I gaurantee that this recipe will bring on an insatiable drive to go camping! At least, it did for me!Good thing I am going on a camping trip next month, so I can satisfy my craving! I live a few minutes away from a camp site which I will surely be visiting this year and probably bringing this recipe along to make again somehow using the fire pit or a butane blow torch! ...Or just stick to the traditional way and roast it over a poker stick on an open fire pit! So many creative ways to go about it!

This particular recipe first caught my eye when I picked up this cookbook and after that, I had been looking forward to making this ever since! I have been waiting for the summer months to hit and they finally have!

I made my own graham cracker crust using butter and sugar and that "chocolatey" filling is actually Nutella! For me personally, Nutella tastes just like Hershey chocolate, just in a melted consistency. It was so rich, we were only able to eat a few bites! That's okay, because we wrapped it up to enjoy for the next day!

It honestly looks like I used a butane blow torch to get that golden brown on the marshmallows, but in fact, I unfortunately had to turn on my oven (which I hate doing that in the summertime because it heats up the house.) 👎 That was about the only downside.

Fortunately, it was only in there for a short amount of time (5 minutes) 

And it was SO worth it in the end!

Happy Camping Season to us all!!! 🙃