Too Blessed to be Stressed!

Happily Cooking Away!


Anyone who has known me, knows how much I'm into smoothies! I make them everyday, twice a day! It goes without saying of course, that this recipe captivated my attention immediately! It honestly bewildered and astonished me that I was actually following a recipe on how to make a smoothie!!! I used a ninja blender, which has a lot more horse power to it than those silly blenders you would find in a typical kitchen. In my opinion, when it comes to creating a great smoothie, it IS all about the blender! FYI: MY DREAM BLENDER IS A VITAMIX! ....someday... (sigh) Anyways, moving on!

When I make my smoothies, I never go by a recipe, I go by just my experience. I've been blending for many many years.

Here's a few of my tips: 

*Always start small when adding the fruit to the blender, because once it's all pureed, it will be a lot of smoothie and I for one cannot consume 4 cups of smoothie in a sitting! Besides, depending on how big or small your blender is, you wouldn't want to cram it full to the max. The ingredients need room to be incorporated.

*Use more frozen bananas than the berries. For some reason, frozen peaches, berries, mangos, and pineapples always taste a little "bitter." The Bananas Bring Balance! 🙃😀

Maybe, one day, I'll make a more detailed video so you can all see how I make my epic smoothies.

...oh, but this one was good too. Hahaha!