Too Blessed to be Stressed!

Happily Cooking Away!

Hamburger Pie

As of lately, we have been given some fresh grass fed ground beef by Ken's boss! It's such a blessing to be given local beef that you know is coming from some great quality cows! I always have some hesitations when I am at the store  I figured it was time to start cooking with it, so this casserole was the outcome! It was great eating it over the weekend! We even had some scraps left over for our dogs to enjoy as well! The only ingredient I had to switch out of this recipe were the peas for corn. Definitely a comfort food! 

Ken mentioned that cornbread would pair nicely with this casserole, so I went on Pintrest, found a recipe, and baked some up! I know! I spoil him! ;)


Not a recipe in the Happy Cookbook!