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Red Wine Chicken & Buffalo Hasselback Potatoes

When I started cooking this red wine chicken, I had a vague idea that it would indeed turn into a stew. As I flipped through the pages, I happened to notice that the recipe's title was just 3 words RED WINE CHICKEN. I think the word STEW could've been safely used in describing the outcome of the recipe, because little did I realize in the beginning when I was making this that for some reason I was having a hard time visualizing this dish! 

But that's just a grammatical technicallity. (clears throat) Moving on! I used an $8 bottle of Burgundy red wine that I had leftover from a previous recipe and incorporated it into the broth, which turned out into a devine richness that only alcohol would be able to achieve that desired flavor.

The recipe to follow the potatoes was a much easier and simpler version than the original Swedish version of baking these potatoes. Yes, Hasselback potatoes are a swedish recipe! I find Sweden such a beautiful country since being a Youtube subscriber to Jonna Jinton's channel, where she creates videos showing peaceful Sweden terrain! I wonder if she enjoys hasselback potatoes just as much I do. (Daydreaming)