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Gwen's Flourless Chocolate Cake

After the frustrating outcome of baking the lemon cake, I was determined to bake this one to see if this particular cake recipe was bulletproof or not!  Oh, you can imagine my joy, when I read that the first ingredient was butter! It was literally a melt-in-your mouth delight! So completely rich and decadent, that we could barely manage to eat just one small slice between the two of us! The best way I can describe the outcome of this cake was like a brownie. 

I even used less chocolate than what the recipe was calling for, and it still managed to turn into a chocolatey rich flavor! Also, to my surprise, the 6 eggs that the recipe was calling for, did not end up leaving the cake having an eggy texture to it at all! The fact that it did not call for flour was a little intimidating at first, but I fluffed those six eggs by whipping them into a frenzy that I eventually became confident enough to move past the idea that not all cakes need flour in them!