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Encino Mom’s Guacamole

Such an easy and satisfying snack! I don't usually like eating a rather chunky guacamole, but this particular recipe had me chowing down! I added so much garlic and cilantro, that it totally made it for me! I DID however forget to add the lime juice...unfortuantely....I guess I just got so caught up chopping and dicing up the garlic, that I just plumb forgot about it! Whoopsies! Also, I kind of cheated by adding half a packet of McCormick's Guacamole spice to it. As well as some vegan sour cream! Those were not ingredients calling in this recipe, but I did it anyways! I had those handy and my creativity took over! It happens from time to time! (Shrug)

Well, either way, with or without the lime juice, and the addition of new ingredients, just an overall delicious recipe, all in all!