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Elena’s Lemon Cake

I must say though, that it did turn out visually appealing! But if you zoom in on the actual cake itself, you may notice that dry texture.

Dry, Dry, Dry!!!

Feeling a little discouraged after this recipe...So much time and effort went into baking this cake! The outcome? A very dry cake...Why? Because there was absolutely NO BUTTER INVOLVED!!! How do you honestly expect a moist cake recipe to come out without some sort of oil, shortening, or butter!? 

Am I being dramatic or just plain passionate!? Maybe a little of both!

(Inhale-exhale) Trust me, I followed this recipe's EXACT instructions! From sifting all the dry ingredients to beating the egg whites and folding them gently into the mixture! I was so excited to bake this cake because honestly I absolutely love lemon cake and it's been quite awhile since I've had a slice! You can imagine my regret in not even thinking about just sneaking in a cube of butter. Guaranteed, it probably would've saved the outcome of this cake. 

I will admit though, I almost didn't get the custard lemon filling thickenend just right because I mistakenly took it off the burner too early...But no matter, after seeing that it wasn't thickening in the fridge, I corrected my mistake and put it back on the burner to thicken. Heat WILL thicken any custard...just takes a little time and patience for the cornstarch to kick in, I guess. It was the only part of the cake that was absolutely divine! I could've eaten that just by itself, as like a pudding!