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World's Best Steak with Bordelaise Sauce & Muffin Pan Potatoes

Gourmet All the Way!

Oh, how my dad would be so surprised and so proud of me! 🤪 So father, this one is for you!

A little funny fact about me...In all my entire life, I have never been the biggest fan of red meat. Maybe it's a texture thing, or maybe because it kind of disrupts my belly and digestive system (tmi, I know, I'm sorry) but this particular recipe was a bit of a stretch for me to cook and eat. Let's just say that this cooking experience definitely got me out of my comfort zone, that's for sure!

For the first time ever ever ever, I have somehow cooked and ate a piece of red meat after I don't know how long it's been! You can only imagine how lost I was at the butchery! I think it was so apparently obvious, that a butcher came out to help me select the steaks and I learned a lot from his knowledge on the different cuts and quality of meat! I breathed a deep sigh of relief afterwards that I had his guidance and expertise!

Of course, if I AM going to eat beef, I want the highest quality meat they offered, without breaking the bank of course! So I chose a grass fed beef.

The fun part about this recipe was using red wine in cooking the sauce! I haven't done that since my college days! Definitely takes it to a gourmet level!

The muffin pan potatoes were wonderful and I didn't make enough because unfortunately, I have but only one muffin tin! We had to be content with only 6. Seems like enough for 2 people, but trust me, they were such delightful little morsels that you couldn't help but crave for more!  l desperately need to invest in some more muffin tins! That way, next time I can make as many as our heart's desire!