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Major Dan’s Chicken and Noodles

Let me just say that this isn’t your typical chicken noodle soup you would eat if you were sick with a cold. It was the heartiest soup I’ve ever had. Ken also mentioned that it was the best soup he had ever had! The noodles turned out super thick and reminded us of dumplings. It had been since my college days since I’ve made pasta noodles. And I think I cut them too thick. Next time, I will make them more narrower. 

The recipe DID call for celery, but as I mentioned in a previous blog recipe, I would always substitute celery & peas out for something else, so carrot was the next best vegetable! 

The mashed potatoes took it to a whole other level! The soup was a creamy perfection! You can’t really see the mashed potatoes because it is sitting on the bottom of the bowl. I did not end up using an actual recipe to make the potatoes,  so I just ended up throwing in butter and buttermilk and whipped it into a fluffy submission! We have an abundance of fresh whole garlic, that we dropped into the whipped potatoes! It was intense! But Ken & I are pretty serious about our garlic. To say the least, we know no limits when it comes to using garlic!