Too Blessed to be Stressed!

Happily Cooking Away!


In this particular recipe, there are a couple technical modifications I would make if I were to recommend this sandwich. So let's begin!

Although in my opinion the last 2 words in the headline are should be ...mozzarella sandwiches, these reminded me very much of a meatball. That would be the best way to describe it. 

Interestingly enough, the directions were calling me to bake the biscuits FIRST before cooking the chicken, which I found quite confusing, because my instincts were telling me to cook the chicken first as it would take longer to bake. Out of curiosity, I followed the directions exactly, and as a result the biscuits had to sit out next to my electric fireplace heater waiting for the chicken to be done. It ended up working out, I just would have baked the chicken first, then as the chicken was about done, I would throw in the biscuits to cook, as they don't take very long at all! That way, they would both be done at the exact time and therefore would make a hotter "slider." To critique the usage of the word "slider" that usual entails a small sample of an anctual sandwich if that makes any sense at all. Not to mention the fact that this called for mozzarella cheese instead of actual parmesan cheese! Why!? But forgive me, I can take a recipe and pull it apart in my mind a hundred different ways! Maybe that's how my brain works! 🙃 Remember! We must learn to take the recipe for what it is and appreciate it as a way to feed our bodies.

Nevertheless, Ken was a HUGE fan, I think due to his strong Italian roots. 💋