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Hannity's Corned Beef And Cabbage

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Tasted Like Ham!?

When it comes to beef or any red meat for that matter, I have always approached with caution. My main hesitation is that I am sensitive to that chewy texture...doesn't sit right with my stomach sometimes too. So when I picked up my 3 pound corned beef from Costco, you can only imagine my dread in making this dish! But as it turns out, when I finished boiling it for almost a solid 3 hours, it turned out to have the taste AND texture to ham, wouldn't you know it!? Not surpising as it turns out, the Irish used beef as a substitute for bacon and literally made it in such a way as to have a "porky" taste to it too!

To be frugal, I also jarred up the broth that came from the water being boiled in with the meat and vegetables. I shall use it for something, I'm sure! Nothing like a good home made broth!

Now mind you, I haven't made this dish since my college days and that was about 4 1/2 years ago, give or take. But I remembered what my chef pounded into our heads that early morning, concerning corned beef is that you must ALWAYS carve against the grain! In order that the meat remains tender and easier to eat, makes a world of difference! The recipe called that I use a Dutch oven to cook this, but I'm sad to admit that I do not own one, unfortunately...someday. 🤔 When I have an extra $50 or so lying around. 🙃 Anyways, I made do with just my regular grey and silver deep dish pot and it did the job! Such a simple & satisfying meal to prepare, especially after a productive Saturday. We enjoyed sitting down to the table, after doing some yard work, slathering our vegetables with butter, and thoroughly enjoying this Irish meal. Why we only partake of this dish twice a year is beyond me! (Apparently it's also a traditional dish for New Years Day in order to promote good luck.) I learned that doing some research about the history of corned beef and cabbage on the internet today. Also another fun fact that I found interesting is that corned beefs authenticity is apparently Jewish...not Irish...But either way, I feel like we as U.S. citizens have taken this meal and totally "Amercanized" it in some form or another. But whether Irish, Jewish, or American, we can all enjoy this dish for what it is! A simple home cooked meal, meant to nourish and sustain our bodies!

Happy early Saint Patrick's Day everyone!