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Paprika really adds the finishes touches!

Another Delicious Recipe!

A creamy casserole that hit the spot for both Ken & I! The only thing is that the recipe was asking for me to make baked rice, which I certainly did NOT do, because it was taking forever in the oven! How much easier it is to cook rice on the stovetop! Also, I took the liberty of conducting a few minor adjustments, using a can of cream of asparagus soup instead of cream of chicken, and I usesd skinless, boneless chicken breasts when the recipe was asking for bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts, and instead of cheddar cheese mixed throughout the dish, parmesan cheese did the trick! (I know probably some very unnecessary details for you to read.) But as we all know when cooking, if you are to make adjustments when substituting ingredients, that could have the potential to make or break the dish in the end! In conclusion, the recipe was full proof through in through! It was definitely the homiest (is that even a word?) dish, I have prepared thus far!