Too Blessed to be Stressed!

Happily Cooking Away!

A Crab Delicacy

After completing a 12 hour shift at work yesterday, I had the greatest idea to go on a full-fledged shopping trip and gather the ingredients to this delicacy of a meal! But even before that... the night before, I had another super great idea to let my boyfriend choose the next recipe he wanted me to cook! (He had been mentioning his desire to have a meal that had meat in it) 😋 And so, of course, he WOULD choose this one! 😀(Sarcasm - What on earth was I thinking!?) Little did I realize what a process this particular recipe was asking me to do! It was like French cooking! I even had to make a bechamel sauce, which I haven't done since my college days! Thankfully, Ken helped me fry up these cakes, because I was a having a difficult time flipping them in the frying pan because they were just crumbling! I think I made the bechamel sauce too was used as the "binder," to hold all the ingredients together. Anyways, Ken did a terrific job keeping them together as they were being flipped & fried! I recommend deep frying, only because they wouldn't have crumbled apart. Because Ken & I don't like mayonnaise based coleslaw salad, I made a sweet sesame vinaigrette. It paired very well with toasted sourdough bread. And of course, whenever you have crab, lemon is always a MUST! I haven't made lemon stars since I was a waitress back in July of 2016, to be exact! We had 3 left over cakes, and Ken loved the patties so much so, that this morning he mentioned wanting to crumble the cakes in his breakfast burrito! 🙃 Now, you may be asking, "how on earth did she manage to get her hands on some crab meat?" Well, I'll tell you this much! I wasn't willing to spend a fortune on some solid crab, so I bought 4 large cans of just white crab meat! I actually didn't even know that was possible until I literally stumbled upon it at the grocery store! Isn't it funny, when you're not even looking for something, that the ingredients you need, just present themselves in your path!? To be honest, when I go grocery shopping I really just take my time and shop very slowly, so I don't miss anything. I figure what's the hurry!? I never know what I may come across and I could more than likely find a treasure or two to add to my kitchen collection!