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Martha's Artichoke Dip

Martha's Amazing Artichoke Dip

Whoever you are Martha, you created an amazing full proof recipe for artichoke dip! I cooked this up for Valentines Day dinner, so forgive me I'm a little late in uploading this blog page! I've started a new job and I've been keeping plenty busy with some crazy 12 hour overnight shifts! (but enought with excuses!)


This creamy dip was excellent! Not that the recipe needed it, but I DID end up adding some rosemary and basil spice. For medicinal reasons, when I cook, I keep in mind that spices are so very good for the mind & body.  I know, even though the recipe didn't call for any, I admit I was getting fancy with the spices! There's even some paprika on top! As Hippocrates once said, "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food." Let me tell ya, as I'm sure you already know, but spices add so many good health benefits to the body! Adding it to any recipe just as long as it is complimenting the food and it's done with moderation. Overpowering the dish is NEVER a good idea and a little goes a long way!


Ken mentioned wanting me to add chicken and/or bacon to it next time around, which took me a little by surprise that he had made such a request, because we both really enjoy eating a plant based diet. Meat being an occasional treat once in awhile. I paired this with a garden salad, and warm naan bread, and mimosas which made for a romantic and absolutely scrumptious Valentines Day dinner! ❤

Valentines Day Feast ~ 2019