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PIMIENTO CHEESE DIP ~ AKA spiced up pimiento cheese filling

Soooo, I kinda went off and running with this particular recipe....(I can do that right? Or is it considered cheating?) After all, I AM a certified line cook! I kind of feel gulity whenever I take away or add to the recipe that I am making. But I NEED to make it to where Ken & I are actually enjoying what we are eating! No offense. So from here on out, if a recipe calls for peas or celery as an ingredient, I WILL have to eliminate it, because Ken doesn't like peas, and I don't like celery. (I've got to cater to his needs and wants as well as my own.) I feel that it is okay to add and or take away. What do you think, reader?

So when I mean "take off and running," what I really mean to say is that I added SO many more ingredients than what the original recipe called for! Eight more ingredients to be exact! I even had to make my own worcestershire sauce becaue I didn't have any! The recipe also suggested I make a sandwich using this "dip," but my mind was going in a different direction! My true and honest opinion is that it would have made for a very boring dip if I didn't add more to it! I couldn't help myself, to be honest! This dish was screaming for more! It turned out to be so creamy and flavorful though!

Pimiento Cheese Dip