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Delays, Delays, always delays... (sigh)

I am SOOOOOO sorry about the delay in my blog posts! There was a mix up of passwords and somehow this blog became linked up with my Facebook password (when I know specifically that I kept both passwords different from each other) Trust me, I was itching to type and I almost became desperate enough to delete this whole blog and start over using another website! But I was asked by a SimpleSite representative to reconsider my cancellation with them, so I'll give it another try. Another idea I had in mind was just to start a Facebook and Instagram page writing about this cooking experience, but I think it would limit me in my creativity. And I wouldn't be considered a true "blogger." (At least in its definition) And besides, I need a good challenge in my life. And these challenges will expand my knowledge in the technological realm. I don't know. What do you think? Am I being too picky & selective when choosing my platform? usual... overthinking again! 🙃

Hamburger Cookies

These cookies were so fun and easy to put together! (It's times like these, when I wish I could share this craft with some little ones.) I think children would find this so fun! 


These turned out to be a huge success at the SuperBowl Party! (Go Patriots!)😀  The adults gushed and exclaimed how cute and tiny they were! Music to my ears! They reminded me of macaroons, to be honest. The vanilla wafer encompassing the soft frosting and a mint chocolate cookie in the middle with coconut flakes clinging to the frosting. As I have never had a macaroon before, this is what I would imagine one to taste like. I'm sure similar, but a macaroon has to be more heavenly! All this talk about macaroons has me wanting to make them! Maybe someday...soon! It doesn't look like this cook book has any recipes for macaroons but the next recipe book I cook my way through, I'll be sure that it contains one!


104 more recipes to go!