Too Blessed to be Stressed!

Happily Cooking Away!


This evening, I will be attempting to deep fry some cheese! I can honestly say, I am a little intimidated. Nonetheless, I will portray grace, dignity, and some composure as I attempt this daring feat! I hadn't even known about this kind of cheese in all my life until I picked up this Happy Cookbook by Steve and Kathy Doocy. Apparently, it's like a mozzarella cheese...but softer... I guess...

Do you know how difficult it was for me to track down these cheese balls!? I was half tempted to order them on Amazon, but then found out that it would be quite expensive to do that! So, I made a few phone calls, and found that Safeway did not carry them, but good old Trader Joes did! $5 for two 4 ounce burrata cheese balls! It must be a very high quality cheese! My guess is that it is a very delicate kind of cheese.

My plan, is to pair it with some homemade tomatoe, basil, and onion bruschetta on some rosemary baguette bread fried with some garlic infused olive oil. I told my boyfriend, Ken to come home from work hungry (as he has a tendency of stuffing himself full at lunch time.) :)

I will inform you all of the results later on. Stay tuned!

Well, here they are! If you like anything that has been deep fried into submission, these cheese balls are just right for you. Ken was a huge fan! He wished there were more! But as mentioned previously, these delicacies cost me a pretty penny.

With the smell of fried oil still wafting through the air in this house, I had to open up windows and even the front door (thankfully, Ken just recently installed a new screen door, so I can listen to the crickets and the frogs talk to one another as well as let the fresh air come in and the oily air go out!


I've never been a fan of deep fried foods of any kind. but those burrata cheese balls turned out really well, I must say. The cheese oozed out of them. I never would've thought to deep fry them though. Definitely tastes like mozzarella cheese. It reminded me of mozzarella cheese sticks, except in this case, it took on a ball form. 


The bruschetta was perfect! Can I just say that I never had such an appreciation for dried basil before until now! 


So there you have it! One recipe down, 105 more to go!